The Treehouse Difference

We believe in real food and its ability to connect us.


Made with your well-being in mind.

Hand-pressed and made in small batches in Atlanta, GA, our milks are raw and un-pasteurized.  This means that all the good nutrients haven’t been cooked out, and that preservatives are nowhere to be found. 

It also means that our milks are best consumed fresh, which is how we bring it to you, our Atlanta neighbors. 

Most importantly, we leave out the carrageenan.  In fact, we’d never even consider adding it.  Did we mention this is real food?


Using quality ingredients. 

Drink our milk and know what real nut milk tastes like.  Our milks contain 10 times the amount of nuts found in many of the big commercial nut milks.

We carefully source our nuts, having gone to the ends of the earth –- and in the case of pecans, right down the road -- to find the best ingredients.  We source our pecans from Georgia pecan farms like Pearson Farms in Ft. Valley.  Our almonds are organic, direct from Spain.

Our milks contain fresh, organic ingredients whenever possible.  No powders or syrups here.  For example, we’ve partnered with Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate to incorporate organic, fair-trade, single-origin cacao nibs in our chocolate-flavored milk.   


Closing the loop. 

We believe in environmental responsibility, and that every little bit helps.  We take back, sanitize, and re-use jars all the time -- which means you might even come across a “loved” jar with some missing ink and extra character.  You can always return your used Treehouse jars to us for a discount on your next purchase.   

And, we partner with Compost Wheels to compost the remnants left from the milk-making process.  Our nut meal, along with other food waste, is used to create soil so that more living, fresh, good things can grow.  



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