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Fresh. Pure. Dairy-Free.

Made with love in the heart of Atlanta, our milks are chock-full of nuts, the freshest ingredients, and rich in taste and health benefits galore.
The beauty isn't just what we put in it; it's what we leave out. 
Carrageenan? Nope. Soy? No way. Gellan gum? Never.


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What folks are saying...

"I discovered Treehouse Milk over a year ago and have their Sweetened Almond Milk and Cacao Almond Milk delivered to my home weekly.  I love to cook (and eat!) and their creamy nut milks have become the building blocks of my daily breakfast routine. My smoothies, coffee, tea, chia breakfast pudding, pancakes and waffles have reached a new level of deliciousness thanks to Kate + Bess!"

-- Marcy, Atlanta 

"We stopped drinking dairy a few years ago, but were less than enthused about the available alternatives.  So, of course, we were excited to learn about Treehouse milks and fell in love with the unique and slightly sweet taste of Pecan milk.  It has become a staple in our house and the weekly home deliveries make life that much easier."

-- Angie, Atlanta

"There's something wonderfully old-fashioned about having a local business deliver milk to our door. The modern twist is that the nice folks from Treehouse are bringing us indescribably delicious almond milk of a quality we wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Stepping outside to find Treehouse Milk on our porch is one of the high points of our week."

-- Brigit & Joshua, Decatur

"Nut milks are everywhere these days, but the best comes from our friends at Treehouse Milk." 

Hugh Acheson, The Chef & the Slow Cooker

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